What Are The Risks Of Cheaper Pay Per Head Services?

Everyone likes to go shopping and nobody doesn’t like to buy the items with cheaper prices. However, buying cheaper items doesn’t always mean good because there could be any possible risks presented. For example: when you buy the cheaper food, there could be a risk that the product has been already or almost expired or even with the secondary quality. In fact, there is always a reason why the item is cheaper than others and such situation could happen to Pay Per Head service as well. So, here are the listed risks that you may encounter when you paid for the cheaper Pay Per Head service.

Frequent software crashes:

The cheaper Pay Per Head doesn’t invest strong enough on their gears and that’s why they charge less than others for customers to feel that they save a couple of money. However, it also means that there will be many unexpected software crashes occurring when you and your players are using their instable system to bet. As a result, your players will blame you for all the issues and even lose the clients by providing such an unsatisfactory service.

Lack of security and updates:

Since the cheaper Pay Per Head company might sacrifice the high-cost maintenance, they probably would go for the cheaper and inferior hardware technology. In other words, they won’t be able to provide constant system updates and security protection to their customers. Which means that hackers could easily break in and steal personal and financial data from bookies and players.

Lesser feature options:

It is a fact that the cheaper Pay Per Head company has lesser features and services compared to the regular and high rated providers. It’s all because of the money invested and the lesser they spent, the lesser features offered in their Pay Per Head solution. Therefore, your market will be limited and not able to attract all kinds of clients.

Low quality of staff:

When a Pay Per Head company has low budget to hire personnel, they may accept any person who doesn’t even have the expertise to work for them. Besides, they could possibly have the tendency to underpay their staff which would cause their employees’ quality and efficiency go down. Not long after, the staff ends up unhappy with overloaded work or no justified salary and couldn’t help their customers properly. Without a doubt, it will seriously lower down the client retention rate of your business at the end.

Image by mohamed Hassan from Pixabay

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