What Are The Risks Of Using Public Wi-fi?

Do you use Wi-Fi connection everywhere you go? We all know that the technology nowadays makes our life more convenient and easier with Internet. However, have you ever heard that there is a potential identity exposure while you use public Wi-Fi? To be more specific, insecure and unknown Wi-Fi connection could invade your online privacy and even steal your personal data without requesting your permission. Therefore, you better think twice what are the possible risks of using any public Wi-Fi before actually taking the action to connect it. As a matter of fact (believe or not), these hidden dangers can even lead to damage your business that you definitely should be careful with.

Track your physical location:

The trick of “free Wi-Fi” could be set up to track your location and spy on not only your online activities but also the physical ones. As a result, such free service may invade your privacy and even harvest your business valuable data.

Messages, Emails are snooped by third person:

If you don’t like that your important emails, messages and conversation to be snooped by third person, you should be aware that this is actually a potential risk when you expose yourself on the public Wi-Fi. Simply imagine what might happen if some other people get the business secrets of yours or even worse.

Passwords and personal information will be stolen:

Another risk of using the public Wi-Fi is that hackers may use the special software to bug on Wi-Fi signals in order to capture people’s login credentials. In other words, your passwords and any personal information could be easily stolen through the channel of public Wi-Fi.

Bank account, credit card numbers or any sensitive data got hacked:

Besides of stealing the passwords, hackers are totally capable to do much more damages through the network vulnerability. For example, they can steal your credit card numbers, hijack your bank accounts or use any of your sensitive data for their benefits. Which means that you may suffer a huge money loss and the worst part of all is that your business can be ruined because hackers could steal your customers’ information and put them in the dangerous position. Unfortunately, you will not only lose the money but also your business reputation and trust from your clients.

Distribute the malware or virus:

Moreover, every time you use a public Wi-Fi, your device will try to search new networks and this is the moment that hackers find the chance to connect directly to them. Then, hackers would use such unsecured Wi-Fi connection to distribute the malware or virus attacks to your computer or any devices connected to the network. As a consequence, having the infected software on your devices can even financially cripple your business which you care a lot.

Image by mohamed Hassan from Pixabay

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