Strategies To Gain More Players For Bookie Business

Finding a good Pay Per Head company like to work with is very essential because they can do a great job and help you to save a lot of time on managing your players’ wagers. Therefore, you can dedicate yourself on recruiting more players to expand your bookie business.  

Word of mouth is the key

“Hey! Guess what! I just won $1,500 from my bookie this weekend and he even paid me in full at once on Monday!” 

If there are enough people around including roommates, friends, co-workers, colleagues, or drinking buddies heard that, they may be eager to be introduced to know this bookie and make extra money too.

Do not forget that people love to talk! Treating all your clients with respect, good manners and always pay in full on time is the best way for you to gain the reputation and even expand your player list.

And the next step is to spend your leisure time where the gamblers spend theirs in order to have chance to know more people and make them to bet with you. Here we would like to recommend you some places where you can visit for the good of the business:

Golf Club

Golf Club is a place where many older gentlemen like to gather around on daily basis and spend their time playing pokers for hours in the locker room or pro shop.

Local Bars

You can target on a few local bars in different parts of your city and then become a regular customer there. (Remember you don’t need to become an alcoholic for being a regular.)

Be the partner of another Bookie

Other quick way to obtain more players is to have an agreement with another bookie and make him to become a “sub-book” for you. How does it work?

It’s a pretty simple strategy because most of small or mid-size bookies usually shut down their business for a short time after the NCAA basketball tournament ended and will wait until August to re-open for another football season. This is the right moment to take the chance to get those players who are looking for another place to bet on other sports such as baseball, etc.

What you have to do in this case is try to have the player to put you in contact with his regular bookie and then present a 50-50 no-risk offer to this bookie. To be more specific, you will propose to the bookie that he could make extra money by recommending some of his players who are still interested on betting the games while his business will be shutting down for a while. Then make a clear clarification that you have no intention of stealing his customers and will hold a separate report of money and both of you will work as a team and split the profits as 50-50.

How to work as team

Therefore, if the players from sub-bookie’s side finish winning (which usually not going to happen), you will pay out each penny; however, if they finish losing, you and he would split the earnings 50-50. What he has to do is meeting you on the specific day each week to get the statistical report and then go to pay or collect the money from his clients who he put the contacts.

Sticking to this settlement will at least be a good money source for a few months for both you and sub-book. Then this bookie would realize that he can make a good amount of money by only working one day a week with you and he may take the initiative to suggest on continuing the arrangement between both of you.

As a result, you will earn extra money from this sub-book’s players and it makes even possible for you to hire a clerk to work for you and now you won’t need to work every day, either.

Now you have a bigger player list and also the best Pay Per Head software to automatically take the bets and all other important stuff for you. It’s one step closer to have a successful bookie business.

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