Tips To Create Good Passwords For Bookie Business

Since we have discussed about some simple steps to prevent the hacker’s attack in order to protect our cybersecurity. We want to continue elaborating on this topic and give you more tips to create good passwords to secure your bookie business. So, what should a good password look like? What should a good password contain? This article will show you what you need to do to enhance your current password structure.

Use unique password for every account

Do not use the same password for all your accounts because once an account is hacked, the rest of them will be in danger. Therefore, you should try to create unique password for each of your own account to remain safe online.

Make it longer as possible

Without doubt, longer passwords will increase the difficulty for people who attempt to crack. In this case, we would suggest you to create a decent length of passwords with at least twelve characters as a good start.

Have a complex combination

It’s not enough to only have a longer password. You should also mix up letters, capitalization, numbers and special characters (if the system allows) to make a complex combination. As a result, the more mixed up the various parts of your passwords, the more difficult it will be for people to decode.

Avoid the words from the personal life

Moreover, you should try to avoid using words related to your personal life. For example: family members’ names, address, pet’s name, phone numbers or birthday, etc. This is because such information can be effortlessly found online in social media platforms and it’s too easy to guess out.

Do not use common phrase, consecutive letters or repeating characters

Another big mistake that many people may commit when creating the passwords is using easy combination of words. Just have in mind that if the password is easy-peasy for you to remember, so is for the hacker to figure out. Therefore, try not to use common phrase like “mypassword”, consecutive letters like “abcdef” or repeating characters like “SSSSSSS”.

Password manager is a good option

If you feel that you are out of the ideas to think of different passwords for all the accounts, password manager is a good option for you. A good password manager can not only store the passwords for you, but also allow you to generate random complex ones to make your passwords stronger. Most important of all, you are able to set up the length and complexity to fulfill the requirement of every account and your online security will become practically unbreakable.

Image by Pete Linforth from Pixabay