Five Tips For Preventing Mobile Privacy Attack

Technology through mobile devices brings people the major convenience and flexibility to check the emails anytime, always stay updated on social media, play video games anywhere, keep in touch with friends or family via calls or video conference, or even shop online on the go. These small devices unconsciously have become so important and even merged to our daily life. In other words, any apps you download or install to your mobile devices could possibly become a threat to data security if you don’t be careful with it. Which also gives us the main purpose to show you how to prevent the mobile privacy attack and teach you how to protect your personal information at the first hand.

  1. It’s important to check on the rating, read the reviews and even make more research on the application to confirm its credibility before initiating the installation. Your mobile device contains everything about you and also have so many personal data stored within it. Therefore, you need to be extremely picky on selecting the app which is going to join your little private space.
  2. Be specially cautious on what kind of permission requests that are required by the apps because there are always some apps asking for unnecessary permissions. For instance: it’s non-sense that a flashlight app requests to know your GPS location. And many apps can still function well without giving those permissions they may ask for. You can try to deactivate some requested permissions from your frequently used apps to see if they still work as expected in order to get major privacy.
  3. Remember to constantly update the apps and also delete the ones you don’t really use. Having such good habit can help you to optimize your phone’s performance and ensure the maximum level of security and functionality in order to prevent the potential vulnerabilities.
  4. Using Mobile VPN service is a great option for protecting your online privacy. VPN service will encrypt your traffic and online activities to avoid any personal data leaking. So there is no way for the snoopers to track you or even steal your information.
  5. Don’t install the apps if you don’t feel necessary and just use mobile browser instead. It may probably cause you a little inconvenience by doing so, but this extra step can make a hard time for the program to monitor your activities without using their apps.

Image by Pete Linforth from Pixabay

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