Useful Bookmaking Strategies That You Shouldn’t Miss

Nowadays, bookmaking business has become a pretty popular job option for many people who like to earn extra money. Maybe you don’t know how to become a bookie agent from scratch? Or just started off your bookie business not long ago? And probably, you are still struggling with the way to be more successful?  Below listed are some useful bookmaking strategies that we prepared to help you on the career of being victorious.

You definitely can’t miss these strategies:  

  • Partner with the correct Pay Per Head company as the very first step.
  • Take the advantage of user experience from the pay per head service you partnered with. For example, ask their line managers about the more popular strategies and configurations that their successful agents usually use.
  • Be familiar with the feature of Agent Line Mover which allows you to adjust or remove the game from the board.
  • Try not to reveal that you are the actual bookmaker and act as a middle man if possible in order to remain the anonymity.
  • Decrease your parlay odds or allow line manager of Pay Per Head company do this for you.
  • Set a max win or payout limit.
  • Always pay your players full on time.
  • Occasionally charge extra juice on Teasers which is considered the norm on this type of sports parlay.
  • Raise your price cumulatively on both quarters and halves.  
  • Limit your actions on Tournaments, Props and Match-ups.
  • Create a max win/loss limit to prevent your players from getting out of hand.
  • Ties on Teasers would be considered Lose.
  • Use a prepaid cell phone to communicate with your players for major security.
  • Don’t be upset if your players are winning in some games. The money certainly will be back because they now have the motives to place more bets. 

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay