Useful Tips To Get More Players Betting With You

As you have already known that finding the best Pay Per Head company to partner with is the very first step to do when starting out a bookmaking business. That’s because a good Pay Per Head company like Price Per Head provides a complete package with great featured software and experienced personnel support service to all their customers. However, although they can do a great job to handle most of your business tasks, you still need to dedicate time on recruiting more players if you want to be successful. Therefore, we want to give you some useful tips and teach you how to get more players betting with you and easily expand your bookie business.


It’s pretty common for bookies to start out with the people who they are familiar with to initiate the business. That’s right because it’s easier! Once you have already built your people network, you should take the advantage of these contacts and convince them to make more referrals for you.

Social media

In addition, you can get some contacts through the channel of famous social media that you use frequently so you are able to reach out to these people easily. Then, you can even get more chance to make your contacts’ friends or family members to bet with you. As a result, the more you take the actions to spread the words out about your business, the more players you will find who are interested to gamble.

Gamblers’ gathering places

Without a doubt, you should go to the places where people show more interests on gambling. For example: sports bars, casinos, racetracks or golf clubs are the common gathering places where the gamblers go often. Therefore, you will definitively have more chance to meet the people who might have already had the betting experiences and find more players for your business.

Free play bonus

Moreover, offering a small free play bonus is also another useful strategy to attract people. In fact, you can use it as a good tool to reward your current players if they refer more people to bet with you. As a result, it turns to be a win-win situation that your customers are happy receiving the extra credits for more plays and you as an agent gaining more players for business.

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