What Is VPN And How It Works?

Do you know there is a way to change your IP location whenever you want? VPN is this kind of amazing cybersecurity tool that can alter your virtual location to almost anywhere in the world. Desire to know more about VPN? Keep reading this article and learn what it is and how it works.

What is VPN?

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) redirects your internet traffic via a specially configured remote server. To be more specific, VPN alters your apparent virtual location by sending your traffic through a server in other country or location so as to hide your actual IP address and even encrypts all the data you receive and sent out.

How does VPN work?

VPN works by using the shared public infrastructure while maintaining privacy through security procedures and tunneling protocols. Let us teach you how to use VPN as below simple steps:

  1. Download the VPN application to your device and register an account.
  2. You are now allowed to choose any location in the country list from the VPN application where your VPN provider placed the available servers.
  3. Make the choice about where you want to show your location and then simply press the button to connect.
  4. Once the chosen server is connected through the application, your device will automatically form an encrypted tunnel for all of the traffic you are using.
  5. And then that tunnel will directly lead to the specific selected server which can decrypt your activity and alter its final destination. As a result, your IP address which determines your location and identity now will be demonstrated as other place and there is no way for others to know your true location.
  6. You may use your VPN application to switch the server to new locations anytime you need.

That’s all! Simple and easy for all the users and now your Internet activity are shielded and secured.

Photo by Gem Fortune from Pexels

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