Which One Is Better, HTTPS Or VPN?

Both HTTPs and VPN can do related things to protect user´s online security but in different ways. In fact, they work even better together to protect your security and privacy at a maximum level. Therefore, there is no hard decision for you to choose between both of them because there is no better individual but a great teamwork!

How HTTPS and VPN get along with each other?

  • HTTPS need to be enabled on both browser and the website you visit, while VPN can work all the time as long as you have it activated.
  • HTTPS uses end-to-end encryption, while VPN does the encryption from your device to the chosen VPN server.
  • HTTPS can only provide the encryption between the website and browser, while VPN is able to secure all your online communications coming from your device.
  • Neither of them can 100% defend you from attacks or scams on the websites you visit but VPN might have some additional features to block automatically the suspicious malicious websites for you.
  • HTTPS can protect your online connection not been snooped by other parties, while VPN can hide your true location for major cybersecurity.
  • HTTPS can protect you from personal data leaking, while VPN can help you leave no trace of activities.

Now you can understand that you don’t need to force yourself to choose one from these two useful tools, but simply use both of them together to have the better result! By keeping your VPN on all the time and being carefully only browsing HTTPS websites, then you will be able to get rid of any possible online vulnerabilities and enhance your cybersecurity.

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

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