Why Do You Lose Money On Bookie Business?

There always are risks for all types of business and you can lose money on your own bookie business as well. Check out these possible reasons why you could lose money while running your bookie business and learn how to prevent from happening.

Unclear about what are profit and revenue

Revenue stands for the action of betting which basically is the lifeblood of your bookie business. It represents the main core of running the business but it is not the end of results. In the other hand, Profit is the end result of what’s left over when you paid out the winning bets after grading the games. We all wish the end result can be our final profit but not everything is perfect in the real life. Therefore, you should learn the true concept of these terms and calculate the business investment correctly.

Not properly use Pay Per Head management tools

If you don’t take the full advantage on using your current Pay Per Head management tools, you could face the risk of losing money. For instance: Not wisely use the layoff account, don’t monitor your players’ activities, don’t know how to change lines with the provided tools…, etc.

Forget to promote other products like Online Casino and Racebook

Not all the months can generate a great amount of income for your Sportsbook. Therefore, it’s important to promote other games such as Online Casino or Racebook to fill in the vacancy of low season. Besides, these mentioned products are instant profit generators because your players don’t need to wait until the tournament to end as normal sports betting. For example: Races only last around 2 minutes and online casino games can only last 1 minute. Then more importantly, it’s easier to turn the revenuer of these games into profit because neither of them favors players.

Not paying out / collecting on time

It’s important to always pay out and collect the money on time because the faster way you pay your players, the quicker they like to continue betting with you. Moreover, this also helps you to create the good reputation and bring more players for your business if you do it well; otherwise, you can lose the players and even lose profits.

Image by Bruno Glätsch from Pixabay

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