Why Do You Need Encrypted Messaging?

Online security, anonymity and privacy are three important key qualifications for a per head agent to run the bookmaking business safely and successfully. Then the best way to have these mentioned features is to use encrypted messaging which provides end-to-end security on all the emails, texts messages and chats delivered to your players, subagents and anyone else.

Data is not automatically secured

You may think that all of our data saved in the cloud, emails in the inbox or phone messages are automatically secured. But you are wrong! We can’t guarantee if they are protected when we send or receive them to/from other people. In fact, the encryption feature is actually not active per default and it’s very risky because any hacker can steal the information from you.

Hackers are not able to read intercepted encrypted messages

Let’s say, if hackers made to steal some information from you, they can’t read it because the messages were encrypted. To be more specific, encrypted messaging doesn’t mean stopping hackers from stealing data but preventing from seeing or reading the obtained messages.

Clients’ personal information might be endangered

Hackers can glean any data such as sender/receiver’s complete name, email addresses, email subjects, phone numbers or any kind of personal information and gather all of pieces for the use on their benefits. Therefore, not only your data but also your clients’ ones are at risk if you don’t have full encrypted messaging. Which can even cause business loss if you no longer earn your clients’ trust and nobody wants to join your sportsbook just because you can’t offer the safety.

Encrypted messaging can ensure end-to-end security

What end-to-end security means is that encrypted messaging can ensure security from sender to receiver even the data is in transit. Therefore, any intended people can’t steal information that you sent to your players or subagents because it’s secured by the encryption.

Provide better customer experience

It’s per head agent’s responsibility to secure clients’ information. Keeping their anonymity, maintaining their privacy and securing their information is part of the customer service that you should do for your bookie business. For that reason, make sure you’re fully protected with the correct bookmaking management software which is offered by your Pay Per Head company. Because there are many features that you can use to enhance the security system and keep everything in control with good shape. Remember happy customers consolidate the success of your business and it can be earned by providing the best customer experience.

Image by Pete Linforth from Pixabay

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