What Will Happen To Our Cybersecurity In Nearly Future?

Everyday there are millions of victims been attacked by new developed malware and also suffering by major data breaches impacts. Besides, governments from different countries have been modifying the laws all the time in order to monitor their citizens with all kind of manners. As a result, it becomes extremely hard for us to maintain privacy and cybersecurity because of all these mentioned above or other causes. Let’s list all the possible scenarios that will happen in nearly future.

Personal data leaking

Believe it or not that there are more than a billion people’s data was compromised every year. Hackers are capable to obtain an enormous amount of data and use them on any purpose and everywhere. If you don’t want to become one of these victims of identity theft, it’s really important to increase the protection on managing your personal accounts. To be specific, you should at least start with using strong passwords.

Risk of anti-encryption

Australia passed the Assistance and Access (anti-encryption law) bill in 2018. Such new law was created by the purpose that Australian government wants to be able to monitor all encrypted communications. Said government believes that this is the only method to stop and catch the criminals and terrorists. However, this bill may require companies that use end-to-end encryption to change their code and even create backdoors for their software and apps in order to get the complete access to the information. Many critics fear that such law will possibly make the influence to many other countries and result in losing personal privacy.

Regain customers’ trust

Many famous technology companies still couldn’t fully protect their customers’ data from cybercriminals. Within the nearly future, these companies would learn from the mistakes and definitely aim to work harder and regain their customers’ trust.

Endangered cloud security

Nowadays people tend to save all their delicate or personal information to the cloud space which makes data protection becomes even more important than ever. Hackers discovered many security vulnerabilities and even able to break into public figures’ or celebrities’ accounts to expose their privacy. To be honest, it’s not hard to imagine that there will be more and more breaches and data leaks coming. Therefore, new security measures should be effectively applied to the cloud in order to prevent the danger.

Image by Darwin Laganzon from Pixabay

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