Pay per Head Bookie Agent: Running the Business, Getting Clients

To become a successful pay per head bookie agent, you need to learn how to properly run a sports betting and gaming business. And you also need to learn how to get clients on a steady

Pay per Head Bookie Agent: Running the Business, Getting Clients
Pay per Head Bookie Agent: Running the Business, Getting Clients


As a top bookmaker, you must know your business and improve. And, you really can’t never get too comfortable with the clients you have.

Instead, you should be consistently working on contacting new prospects to get as many client conversions as possible.

And never forget that running the best pay per head sportsbook operation involves taking the best decisions as a leader. One simply can’t work well without the other.


Pay per Head Bookie Agent:  Top 10 Entrepreneurial Skills


If you want to be a top bookmaker, you can start by learning the top 10 entrepreneurial skills:

  • Lifelong learning
  • Basic business skills
  • Evaluating opportunities
  • Building an outstanding team
  • Communication
  • Building key relationships
  • Embracing technology
  • Managing risk
  • Working with an international perspective
  • Sharing rewards

This can help you acquire a business-like mentality; allowing you to take better decisions as a pay per head bookie agent.

And that is important; because your decisions will ultimately decide if you’re headed for success. Or if instead, you’re headed for a new entrepreneurial venture.


Part or Full Time Business?

So, get ready to be an entrepreneur who’s focused on what’s important, and allow others to take care of the details.

Now, the first thing you need to decide before moving forward is what kind of sports betting and gaming operation you want to run. In other words, a part or full time business?

If you’re currently employed by someone, it is probably better for you to start your bookmaking and casino business part-time.

By using the best pay per head sportsbook software provider you cash can afford, you can safely continue to hold your current position; and still make some valuable side money.

This is of course until your wagering and pph poker business has grown to a point that allows you to become independent, and start running your own empire.


Acquiring Customers

Indeed, creating exciting ways to build business and attracting customers should be your number one priority as a pay per head bookie agent. And there are a variety of ways to get there; and tools to help you out.


Become a Top Negotiator

In order to obtain the kind of results that you want for your bookmaking software and casino business, you probably need to become a dominant negotiator.

Here are the top 10 traits of ultimate negotiators:

  • Empathy
  • Respect
  • Personal Integrity
  • Fairness
  • Patience
  • Responsibility
  • Flexibility
  • Sense of Humor
  • Self-Discipline
  • Stamina



To become a top negotiator also involves learning valuable persuasion techniques. This is because to learn how to get a prospective client, or partner to say yes to what you’re pitching to them, is probably a skill you want to possess as a top bookmaker software entrepreneur.

And remember that you need to know when persistence is working in your favor, and when isn’t.

So, if you’ve been trying to sign up a client for a long time, and your persistence hasn’t paid off; it is best if you take a step aside; regroup, and refocus your energies towards a more promising prospect.

Here are the top persuasion techniques:

  • Establishing common ground
  • Highlighting the pros
  • Turning objections into strengths
  • Being fully committed and consistent
  • Using reciprocity
  • Using social proof
  • Highlighting exclusivity


Cold Calling

If you want to succeed as a pay per head bookie agent, you need to learn how to get prospects interested on your services over the phone. Indeed, you will be making many cold calls to prospective sports betting players and casino gamblers.

So, before you even pick up the phone, you can check these effective cold calling tips that can help you become more proficient; allowing you to obtain the best results for your wagering and gambling operation.


Using Good / Discarding Bad Marketing Ideas

There are many marketing ideas out there. Some pretty good, and solid, and others pretty weak and misguiding.

It is in your best interest as a pay per head bookie agent to analyze which good / bad marketing ideas can bring your bookmaking and casino business the most benefits.


Best Marketing Ideas

  • Knowing your elevator speech
  • Great service before great marketing
  • A good first impression
  • Sweat the little stuff (details definitely mater!)
  • Say what you mean
  • Make new clients, but cherish the old
  • Like your clients (specially the noteworthy ones)
  • Increase value before lowering prices
  • Break down barriers
  • Get better every day (less procrastination)


Worst Marketing Ideas

  • Fighting bad business with good advertising
  • Thinking of the client as a fool
  • Saving the best for last
  • Changing your image dramatically
  • Open your doors and trust they will come
  • Moving fast
  • Thinking people care about new management
  • Believing there is a pie in the online sky
  • Believing your client is captive



Another skill that can really make the difference for your bookmaking software and casino business is networking.

In order to bring people to your wagering and gambling operation, you need to have connections; and using these genuine networking tips can help.

Sure, you can work all by yourself and get a lot of sports betting and pph poker players.

However, working with other bookmakers and other types of associates is better. As a result, your growth potential becomes limitless.

Indeed, the larger your professional network, the better.

Top networking tips:

  • It’s not the same as public speaking
  • Network smart
  • Become part of the right groups
  • Make the most of your networking experiences
  • Be selective
  • Learn what is required of you
  • Leave non-useful groups
  • Be proactive
  • It is not all about you, or about the other party


Things to Avoid

Finally, in order move in the right direction, there are things to avoid.

For example, you need to avoid turning your own home into a private office. This is because both you and your family are going to suffer the consequences; and this will definitely create tension (the less, the better).

You also need to avoid:

  • Working from dawn to dusk
  • Using excessive equipment and paperwork
  • Letting any kind of hobbies to distract you from your professional goals
  • Consuming unhealthy food
  • Expecting overnight success
  • Giving-in on trying to being the best pay per head sportsbook bookie agent you can be.
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