Steps About Switching To The Right Pay Per Head Service

If you feel unhappy with your current Pay Per Head service, now it is the time to switch to the correct one! However, you may wonder how difficult or troublesome to move a big package of clients’ data to another Pay Per Head company and even don’t know how to start it. Don’t worry let’s show you all the needed steps so you can make the right decision for your business.

Step 1.

Simply go to the website of Price Per Head and clink on the button Join Now. The sign-up process is pretty easy and quick which won’t take you more than a half of hour.

Step 2.

Then you can contact us through the Live Chat or call us at 1-888-774-7467. Our proficient representative will be in charge of transferring your players data from your previous Pay Per Head company into our system.  

Step 3.

You firstly need to provide the name of your Pay Per Head software provider that you used previously. Then we will make the fast move for you seamlessly so that you won’t lose many profits from your business because of the data transfer process.

Step 4.

Some information will be required from you in order to personalize your own Pay Per Head page. Many specific details like betting limits, wager types, general betting rules, players profiles and much more will be carefully discussed with you in order to create an ideal custom fit package for you.

Step 5.

Once all the necessary information is gathered, we can move forward to create your account and your existed players’ accounts into your books. Since such process takes its time, we may need just a few days to accomplish the task.

Step 6.

All you have to do is leave all to the hand of Price Per Head, and our well-trained staff can give you all the support you may need any time.  

Just think about it, you are risking profits loss with a bad quality of per head service and why wait so long? Just join us today and you will see it’s totally worth it because we can offer you a top world-class per head solution with all the gears you need to make a better run of bookmaking business.

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

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