The Securest Internet Network – Tor Project

There are many ways to protect the Online privacy and the simplest step that any starter can do is to begin with using the securest Internet browsing network. However, most people are only familiar with the famous search engines like Google, Yahoo and many others while navigating Internet. As a matter of fact, they have no ideas that they have been tracked all the time!

Now you may think it’s not possible that you could be tracked since you are just an ordinary Internet user. You are totally wrong! All your online activities are actually collected from the Internet network you are using everyday. For this reason, we would like to recommend our favorite – the securest network, Tor Project and you should definitely start to download and use it since now for protecting your privacy.

What is Tor Network?

Tor is a free and open sourced network that was designed to anonymize the data. It can direct the Internet traffic through a worldwide volunteer overlay network to conceal user’s location and activities. In other words, this anonymous communication method can successfully give any intended parties a hard time to gather your information such as mails, search history or any kind of online activities.

How does it work?

Tor Network runs through more than 6,000 volunteer relays (according to the metrics from the official page) spread around the world. Then, it routes user’s traffic through different nodes in order to conceal the real initiated point of the connection. After that, Tor encrypts the data once it enters its network and then bundles such information into an encrypted packet. Most important of all, Tor strips away a part of the addressing information which could be possibly used to learn things about the user and also encrypts the rest of the data.

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