Did You Know That You Have Been Tracked?

You may think that you are just an ordinary Internet user and there is no one would be interested in your online activities. You are wrong about it! Actually all your online activities are already collected from the common search engines you use everyday.

Why have you been tracked?

We have to say the simple answer is money! All kind information collected from user’s online activity can be sold including your phone number or address. And then, there are hundreds of companies who specialize in gathering, assembling and deciphering every tiny piece of information together and make them usable for marketing. As a result, more information marketers can collect, more successful they can target you. Apparently, the collected data is not only used for selling you some merchandise, but also can be sold to anybody under whatever purpose.

Think: How often do we use the search engines?

Nowadays search engines such as Google, Baidu, Bing and Yahoo play an important role on Internet navigation. They can turn to be photo albums, libraries, friends, mentors, and everything you need them for.

Do you ever think about how often we use the search engines in our daily life? It’s all the time! Because every time we have doubts for something, we always go to the search engines first to seek the answers. Therefore, the search engine we used know our preferences, life stories, work, hobbits, secrets, favorite things and basically everything! Simply imagine what if they gather together all the information about every single search we have made? Such data is definitely a lot of power for any entity who want to use for its own interests and benefits.

Therefore, you should learn how to stay anonymous while navigating on Internet in order to protect your own privacy.

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

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