Meet Tor Project — The Most Private and Anonymous Browser

There are so many options of Internet browsers offered to our daily life usage; however, not all of them are secure. Believe or not, the most famous and recognized search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing are actually the ones invading your privacy and track all your online activities from you.

Maybe you feel that you are just an ordinary person and there is no motive of being tracked. But, you are wrong because any kind of online data can be gathered and sold for their beneficial purpose without your permission. Sadly, it might be too late while you finally realized that your data has been used by others. Therefore, we want you to meet Tor Project which is the most private and anonymous browser on the current market. You should start using it at once to protect your own privacy and stay anonymous in your bookie business as much as you can.

What is Tor Project?

Tor Project is a fully anonymous browser which can protect your privacy online. It was firstly created by David Goldschlag, Mike Reed and Paul Syverson in the mid 1990s at the U.S. Naval Research Lab as the first research design of onion routing. Today, thousands of people voluntarily support from all over the world and form the nodes or relays in order to create the open network for their users. In sum, Tor Project is a free open-source network which can world-wildly direct the internet traffic through one relay to another in order to conceal user’s true location and online activities.

How to use Tor Project correctly?

Everything has its own correct way to be used and Tor Project is the same. If you want to stay anonymous effectively, you should stick to these rules to have the best result.

  1. Make sure the websites you visit are using secure HTTPS.
  2. Don’t log in to your personal social media and email accounts outside of Tor browser.
  3. Never post information about your real life identity.
  4. Do not torrent on the Tor browser because it may present the risk of IP address leaking.
  5. Don’t use mobile two-step verification.

Are there any drawbacks about Tor Project?

Certainly, nothing is perfect even including the most amazing thing in the world. Therefore, Tor Project has its own drawbacks along with its outstanding function of absolute anonymity. Since Tor Project is a volunteered network, the internet traffic has to move from node to node. As a result, its slower speed becomes the common issue and sometimes brings the unpleasant experiences to audio-video streaming content. In addition, Tor may probably be incompatibility with most embedded media due to its privacy structure based.