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Is Yours On The List Of Worst Passwords of the Year?

It’s not easy for everyone to think of the perfect password all the time. Actually, many people even take the lazy shortcut and just use the common easy-to-remember passwords because they think their data is impossible to be stolen. Unfortunately, you can be any of the ordinary person but your information is still vulnerable to phishing schemes, data breaches or hacking attacks. Therefore, check it out if you are using one of these worst passwords in the list and then consider change it as soon as possible for your own online safety.

Here are some usual suspects that we can provide for you as examples. We are not criticizing towards your choice of the usage of passwords. On the contrary, what we are trying to say here is to make you understand those easy-to-guess passwords come with the major risk of exposing security breach.

Here come the common worst passwords of the year:

  1. 123456, 654321 or any consecutive numbers
  2. abcdef, zyxwvu or any consecutive letters combination
  3. 000000 or any repeating numbers
  4. aaaaaa, AAAAAA or any repeating characters
  5. blank password
  6. password
  7. passw0rd (substitute the letter with number in common word)
  8. qwerty
  9. iloveyou
  10. abc123
  11. admin
  12. password123
  13. !@#$%^&* or any consecutive combination of special characters in the keyboard
  14. secret
  15. nothing
  16. biteme
  17. letmein
  18. football or any kind of sport name
  19. liverpool or any name of team
  20. p1a2s3s4w5o6r7d8
  21. personal name
  22. phone number
  23. birthday
  24. license plate number
  25. part of address information


these are just some examples and not represent all the options. Although you can feel with ease that yours are not in the list, you still need to be careful what to choose because no one deserves to be hacked and face the tragedy of data leaking. You can find useful this guide about how to create strong passwords and have good habits to manage your passwords for enhancing your data protection.

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