Bad Habits To Endanger Your Online Privacy

Many people consider surveillance as a threat to online privacy and even invading our human rights. However, such happening is usually caused by ourselves giving away our personal data unconsciously.

Besides of some additional actions that we recommended you to do for increasing your privacy protection, there are still potential bad habits that anybody could have endangering the online privacy. We strongly suggest you to change your habits in order to reduce the possibilities of being spied. Here are some examples of online unsecure habits that you better think twice before taking the action:

  • Check your bank account or any sensitive data through public Wi-Fi
  • Tag your current location when posting pictures or leaving posts on social media channels (e.g. Facebook)
  • Email or send message about personal sensitive information (e.g. passwords, credit card numbers)
  • Open the attached file in the email from someone you don’t know personally
  • Accept and allow cookies while navigating different websites
  • Open the websites that are not secured as HTTPS
  • Click on any popped-up banner and flash
  • Use the same passwords for all the accounts
  • Use short and weak passwords
  • Skip reading Terms and Conditions (especially when downloading any unknown apps to your devices)
  • Give all the requested permission to the apps without checking if it’s necessary
  • Trade your personal information such as email, address or phone number for a special offer

Image by Pete Linforth from Pixabay

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