Important Steps To Take Before Using Public Wi-Fi

As we have already learned that there are many risks of using public Wi-Fi; however, there is always a particular moment that we still need to use it. For example, you may go to a place where you can’t get a good signal and decent internet reception from your mobile Internet provider, or when you travel abroad and you don’t have roaming service activated. That’s right! Things happen and they can become the cases where you may have a need to connect to a public Wi-Fi. Therefore, we want to show you some important steps that you should take before using any unknown public Wi-fi in order to reinforce your online security.

Double check the visited websites are secured with HTTPS:

Firstly, you need to double check the websites you visit are secured with HTTPS. Actually, this is the basic step for you to easily make sure that your login credentials or personal information are under protection. If you are not clear what we meant HTTPS, you just look at the website address and ensure the “s” stands in the beginning of the link like “https://…” which means that this is a HTTPS-enabled website and you are safe to navigate there.

Use VPN service:

VPN means Virtual Private Network and it is a very useful tool to shield your online activities from cybercriminals. In fact, such protection can effectively stop other people from monitoring and tracking you when you use a public Wi-Fi because it disguises your true IP. Not familiar with VPN? Don’t worry! Check out more info about VPN and learn why using VPN is important in Price Per Head articles.

Turn off auto-connect option:

Always be vigilant that you turn off the option of auto-connect in the Wi-Fi settings and Bluetooth discoverability settings. That’s because doing this can help on preventing hackers from getting direct peer-to-peer access through a public Wi-Fi to your devices without sending any notice to you.

Enable firewall all the time:

Then, ensure that you have the firewall enabled on your devices all the time before making the connection to the public Wi-Fi. As a result, the firewall can give you an extra protection and efficiently stop any unknown connection for major security.

Have anti-malware installed:

Never underestimate how good an anti-virus can do to protect your online security. Therefore, it’s important to find a good antivirus software with effective anti-malware protection included, and then have it installed to all your devices.

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